Treatment of Vitiligo

lady with vitiligoOn the diagnosis of vitiligo, the dermatologist may first review your medical history and also your family history. He will also physically examine your skin and the affected area. Also a blood test would be conducted to check the status of your thyroid gland as in most of the cases, the person suffering from vitiligo also suffers from autoimmune thyroid disease. Many treatment options are available to restore the color of your skin but the treatment most appropriate for you will depend on health, preference, age and the affected area. Some of the treatment options are-

Using Cosmetic-

It does not include any medical treatment. This option provides a safer way to cover the vitilgo affected the area by the use of self-tanner, skin dye and make-up. It eliminates the probable medicine side effects and hence mostly recommended for the treatment of children. The biggest disadvantage of this treatment is that it is time taking and must be applied after every certain period of time. The person needs lots of practice to get a natural looking result.

Use of Medicine-

Different types of topical medicines are applied to the skin to re-pigment the skin. It is usually recommended for small area and it shows its effect within 4 to 6 months. Other medicines can be used with topical corticosteroid to get better results. It gives best result for dark skin color and gives best result in the face area but is least effective in feet an hand area. This medicine also has side effects in certain cases such as makes the skin dry, fragile and paper thin.

Light Treatment-

In this method, patients are given excimer laser treatment or may be made to sit in a light box to re-pigment the skin. The light box treatment is used for extensive vitiligo whereas laser technique is used to treat a small affected area. It has a 70% success rate is best suited for treating face affected area but is less effective for feet and hands. Though, many patients have claimed that after stopping the treatment, the results disappear within 1 year. The patients are required to receive this treatment minimum 2-3 times a week.


This treatment is used when light treatment and the use of medicine does not give any result. It is suitable for adults who haven’t noticed any change in their vitiligo for 6 months or more but is not recommended for children. In this process, the skin or cells from unaffected area are transplanted to affected area.

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