Legal steroids: The Science Behind It All. Simplified details you probably want to know

legal steroids

With the general definition of steroids, you understand that a steroid is a chemical substance that increases the rate of growth and enhancement of muscles among other things. The fact is that steroids are of almost 32 types of compounds and in this article and many more to come the agenda will be a specific type of steroids; anabolic and androgenic steroids. Steroids, both natural and synthesized have a lot of functions to the body. However this specific one is all about growth and enhancement. The focus of this article is finding the chemistry behind these steroids including their history and how they work in the body when administered. Much as it is a complicated issue and science is not everyone’s favorite subject, the article will simplify and breakdown bit by bit making sure that you don’t feel lost and get bored in the process. Hopefully you will thank me later, but let me not push my luck.

Anabolic and androgenic steroids: THE CHEMISTRY

All steroids are fat soluble hydrocarbon hormones with a tetracyclic base structure. This tetracyclic base contains 4 fused rings which basically are 3 six membered and 1 five membered rings. The six membered rings are in chair conformation. You would need to go deep to understand that however much this is the generalized structure, a lot of steroid compounds differ in arrangement (stereochemistry ideology). Cholesterol is the main building block of these steroids

How AAS Work

The Anabolic and androgenic steroids work in the same way as testosterone. Here is a small simplified process of how the steroids work. In the case of testosterone, the brain sends a message to the testes to have the testosterone released. When the testes release it, it is absorbed into the blood, and the blood circulates going to muscles where the testosterone then attaches itself to the muscles and starts the process of growth. It also attaches itself to other organs and causes the same effect. When the brain detects the amount of testosterone is enough, it inhibits production through its feedback. This is exactly the same effect AAS has to the body. The AAS is injected to the blood, and does the exact same thing as the testosterone; mostly adding itself to the testosterone and doing the same function

It is important to understand that it is part of the brain inhibiting release of testosterone that makes the hormone different from AAS. The brain has control of testosterone going to the muscle, but not AAS. This is why overdosing of AAS can cause health issues.

Use of legal steroids

The steroid reputation has always been in the mud, but steroids are really important. Let’s take a example of AAS. This AAS  is primarily used in growth, enhancement and maintenance of the muscles in the body. This is why it is used by people who have issues with muscle growth like cancer and AIDS patients. It also assists teens who have growth issues, helps to improve appetite in people, especially sick ones, and helps in bone marrow stimulation

The view that steroids are harmful is an unfair generalization.