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6 Main Considerations When Buying A Folding Bike

When buying a folding bike, the biggest consideration is comfort. Due to the design needed to make the bike foldable, ride smoothness and price are often not what you would expect of a regular bike.

Before settling on a particular folding bike, you need to try out several to find out just how comfortable they are. The adjustability and position of the seat and handlebars affect the comfort of the bike more than anything else.

It can be particularly hard to tell the difference between a properly made foldable bike and one that is poorly manufactured. However, you can look out for some of the following indicators.

Quality Of Locking Mechanism

How well does the locking mechanism hold the frame together when latched? Do some parts seem fragile or as if they will wear out? Does the frame wobble at all when latched?

Quality Of Finish

A good manufacturer that makes good quality products finishes them properly too. However, by itself this is not enough of a guarantee of quality since manufacturers of cheap products often attempt to pass of their products as expensive.


For a long time, bike manufacturers have attempted to make their products lightweight. Heavy bikes are harder to carry and pedal. Good quality foldable bikes have lightweight frames.


This is usually a great indicator of the quality of a product. In most instances, longer product warranties are often an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.


Price should never be the main consideration but it can be a consideration. You will obviously want to buy a bike that will fit your budget. However, you should be careful not to buy a low quality bike just because it comes with a lower price tag.

Brand Reputation

When all else fails, you can consider the reputation of the brand. Higher quality manufacturers, such as Helix, Dahon, etc, obviously manufacture high quality bikes. Unknown brands can carry unknown risks and there is usually no way of determining just how good or bad the product is.


When buying a folding bike, price is an important consideration. However, even though there are some inexpensive models in the market you need to always check their quality before purchasing. In most instances, folding bikes will be more expensive than the regular bikes.

Owning a folding bike can give you excellent exercise, a bit of enjoyment and a simple method of non-polluting transportation. Use the tips in this article to buy the best folding bike possible. However, remember that the experience of riding a folding bike will be different than that of a regular bike.