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4 Bulking Steroid Cycles for Superior Muscle Growth

dbols cycle

If you’re goal is to add bulk there are a number of steroid only cycles and stacks that you can use add on some serious size and gains. But you have to bear in mind that what works for one guy in most cases will not produce the same results.

There are many factors that can effect the end result such as age, diet, lifestyle, fitness levels, health to name just a few.

However, there are specific anabolic steroids that are made solely to bulk you up and we’ve listed them below for you.

These steroids can be used on their own or stacked with other steroids.

The Beginner Bulking Cycle

This cycle stacks testosterone and deca durabolin together and is a good choice for those who are trying out anabolics for the first time.

The test/ deca stack is very popular and well proven stack that can guarantee impressive gains with minimum side effects.

However, the side effects that you need to be aware of are high blood pressure, water retention and gyno, increase in cholesterol levels (male breasts).

For these reasons running a cycle support is very important. I minimize these side effects we suggest a daily dose of 20 mg of Nolvadex.

Give yourself a period of at least 2 to 3 weeks to clean out your system before starting a new cycle.

During this off-cycle period take Nolvadex to help your body recover its natural testosterone levels. We suggest 40 mgs of Nolvadex for the first two weeks and lower it to 20 mgs during the third week.

The Kickstarter Cycle for Beginners

This cycle combines the bulking powers of Test/Deca/Dbol.

This is another great bulking cycle for newbies. Its basically the test/deca cycle with dbol added to it.

The addition of Dianabol is to give you fast results in terms of size and strength at the beginning of the cycle. That’s why its often referred to as a front loading cycle.

Using a three steroid cycle means there is the potential for more and harsher side effects. Any oral anabolic steroid pill will be harsh on the liver so its important to keep this vital organ as healthy as possible on cycle.

For example, avoid all alcohol and take a liver support supplement such as milk thistle or taurine. Due to its harsh effects on the liver an oral DBols cycle or any oral steroid for that matter should only be used for a maximum of 6 weeks only.

With this cycle you will definitely need to take a PCT that should begin once the cycle ends. The PCT should include a SERM like Clomid or Nolvadex to combat the effects of increased estrogen levels and re-balance the bodies natural testosterone levels.

Take a SERM for 3 weeks from the end of the test/dbol/deca cycle. For the first two weeks take 40 milligrams of Nolvadex then 20 milligrams for the remaining week.

Advanced Stack for Lean Bulking

As the name suggests advanced stacks are not for beginners they are for experts who have considerable experience of using a variety of cycles, running PCTs and whose bodies have built up a certain tolerance to anabolic and androgenic steroid hormones.

Before running an advanced cycle you should have already have progressed through the beginner and intermediate cycle stages and have at least four to five years of experience of bodybuilding.

Furthermore, advanced cycles are only suitable if you have already reached your bodies physical limits and have attained a high level of lean muscle mass and strength.

You should also have considerable experience of the potential side effects of steroid use and post cycle therapies to mitigate the risks.

Advanced Bulking Steroid Cycle

The following advanced cycle stacks 4 steroids which are testosterone prop, masteron,trenbolone acetate and anavar. The aim of this cycle is to produce hard lean muscle mass.

There are some points you need to be aware of. For example, trenbolone will produce very hard lean muscle with plenty vascularity. This is due to the steroids low water retention. However, tren can drop your libido like a stone. For this reason, testosterone has been icluded.

Now testosterone is unique in that its both highly anabolic and androgenic. You’re not going to experience any real water retention unlike oral steroids.

Masteron is an injectable androgenic steroid that does not aromatize or convert to estrogen. This means its perfect for getting that lean cut muscular look.

The cycle should be run as follows:

Week One-Twelve

100 mg of Testosterone Propionate daily.
200 mg of Trenbolone Acetate daily

Week Six-Twelve

75 mgs of Masteron daily

Week One-Six

50 mgs of Anavar (Oxandrolone) daily

Week 12

0.5 mg of Arimidex daily

For some guys these dosage amounts would be considered moderate, however you are free to increase them if so wish and at your own risk.

Of course, pay close attention to your diet and ensure that you are feeding your body with healthy nutrients.

I need to point out that make sure you are ready for steroids. Really you should be over 25 years of age and have reached your physical capacity through many years of consistent training. If you have not reached that stage, then use legal steroid alternatives instead to give you that extra edge.

The best ways to reduce man boobs without surgery

If you’re searching for a method to reduce man boobs, you have to know which kind you’ve. Many people seem to believe that there’s only one kind. However there are two various kinds. Based on the kind you’ve significantly modifications the way you get rid of man boobs.

It isn’t your mistake which you don’t understand about these two kinds, the majority of the information found on-line nowadays is regurgitated. Sadly this repeated info may be incorrect but is spread about because of the reality. Let us have a view in the initial kind of man boobs that is known as Gynecomastia and view what you can do to reduce these types of man boobs.

Ways to reduce man boobs

Reduce Man Boobs: Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a kind of man boobs created by an uncommon inflation in the mammary glands. In English this indicates, that you possess some swollen glands in your upper body which are chest. Because of this, numerous individuals may have man breasts even when they’re not fat. Many people believe that its body fat, but its glands.

The precise reason of gynecomastia isn’t broadly recognized, however, is believed to be a outcome of the hormone imbalance. Similar to excess estrogen ranges (that is a feminine hormone).

Sadly there’s not an excellent deal you can perform about this kind of issue to decrease man boobs. If you’re on any medication you can communicate to your physician about coming of it. As the medication can be leading to hormone imbalance.

On the severe notice: don’t come of any physician approved medicine with out talking and obtaining consent from him. Man breasts (even if awkward) are usually harmless; therefore I don’t wish you to risk your health over them.

Medication aside the only actual method to reduce man boobs is to maintain an eye on your physique body fat ranges. Even though they might not vanish totally, any physique body fat can make them larger and even worse looking. I apologize if this is not want you would like to listen to, but I wish to be truthful with you in the offset.

The great information about these kinds of guy breasts is the fact that they generally go absent by on their own following a while. As soon as your hormones drop to their regular ranges, your chest will return to regular. It’s difficult to understand which kind of man boobs you’ve. So allow possess appear in the 2nd kind.

Reduce Man Boobs:

Pseudogynecomastia (what a mouthful) is really a kind of man boobs also recognized as untrue gynecomastia (sorry for these large phrases). This kind is extremely much like the first however is chest fat rather than glands. The fantastic information with these is the fact that you can decrease man boobs.

The most effective method to do this is having a mixture of eating and preventing the proper meals and performing right exercises. At this point when I say physical exercise, I’m not speaking about running for miles or even performing lots of chest exercises. This doesn’t work (perhaps you realize this currently?)

You need to perform the kind of exercises which shape your hormones to reduce the body fat inside your chest. Even though eating the correct dietary supplements these exercises (do not be concerned, this doesn’t imply eating such as a rabbit permanently).

Performing this properly won’t only reduce man boobs, however, can eliminate them totally.

Think about living your lifestyle with out continuously stressing about them issues in your chest, seems great does not it?

Untold Health Benefits of Niacin Flushing

Niacin flush benefits for athletesOne of the greatest health trends is niacin flushing. A niacin flush entails that you consciously take in an overdose of niacin to detox the body of toxic waste. It was already known that niacin overdosing is an excellent method of lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and improving good cholesterol (HDL). However, niacin flushing can also have other profound effects on areas like depression, hair growth, and bodybuilding. This article will tell you how this is possible and how you can achieve this yourself too.

Depression and Angst

The daily recommended dose of niacin is around 15-20 mg per day. Fortunately, for people living in the Western part of the world, it is quite easy to attain this amount by a normal diet. Almost all diary and whole grain products contain some amounts of vitamin b3 (niacin). However, if you go out binge drinking for a while, or travel to less developed countries, you might get a niacin deficiency.

When your body is deficient in niacin, it will use the amino acid tryptophan to produce niacin itself. However, tryptophan is also used for the production of a hormone called serotonin that causes ‘happy feelings.’ Needless to say, if your body uses all of the tryptophan to make niacin, you can become depressed because of the deficiency of serotonin. Therefore, it is crucial to attain the daily recommended dose of niacin.

Hair Growth

By undergoing a niacin flush, your veins will instantly widen. This process will improve the blood flow. As a consequence, blood flow to the scalp will improve too, and this is beneficial for hair growth. Niacin flushing also counters the production of DHT, a form of testosterone that makes you bald. Men that are bald early often have much DHT in their body.

Increase performance with niacinBodybuilding

There are few different niacin flush benefits bodybuilding. First of all, when you do a niacin flush, your vascularity will improve. Vascularity can give you an edge during bodybuilding contests. Moreover, a high amount of niacin in your body can stimulate the production of growth hormone. Growth hormone causes you to become stronger and build muscle. To guarantee optimal results, it is best to take in the niacin on an empty stomach, an hour before you go to sleep.


Niacin flushing is not only good for detoxing the body and improving cholesterol, but it can also help treating depression, grow hair back naturally and build muscle. A niacin overdose can be attained by consuming niacin dense foods or taking in supplements.

Niacin flush is a crucial part of any detox and should be used in conjunction with a regular healthy cleansing system. Do remember, that cleansing is and should be “a way of life” and not the quick fix that we have all come to expect these days. Twenty, thirty or fifty years of neglect can’t be rectified in a week or a month, but persevere, and the long-term benefits for your health will be amazing. Derek survived his “FLUSH” episode by the way and is now a Niacin convert. As usual: Go slowly when starting on Niacin or any new supplements if you are on medication and ask your Doctor’s advice if you are unsure.

3 Ways On How Breasc Actives Can Make Your Breasts Look Good

If you have been looking for ways to get larger breasts, this is the article for you. We are specifically going to talk about the importance of Breast Actives exercise, diet, and bra size. By using these three tips, you will see an increase in the size of your bust line. Are you ready to get larger breasts? Let’s go!


Believe it or not, the type of exercises you do will have a large impact on the size of your breasts. One of the best exercises for increasing the bust size is the simple push-up. Pushups have the ability to enlarge the pectoral muscles which are directly under the breasts. The larger and stronger you make these muscles the bigger your breasts will look. Plus you will feel stronger and healthier!


Many women do not ever want to hear that they should put on weight. However, adding a few pounds is a proven way to enlarge the breasts as well. The easiest way to do best price for breast actives this is by taking in slightly more calories than you usually do. While this is not the most appealing solution for many, it is a definite way to get larger breasts! It is important not to go overboard and still try to live a healthy lifestyle.

Bra Size

breast_actives_is_a_great_helper_for_womenWould you believe that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size? Many women buy a smaller bra in hopes that it will make their breasts fill it out. In reality, it simply makes the bust smaller than it is. The same is true in buying a bra that Breast Actives is too large. If a bra is too large, your breasts will not be able to fill the bra out,, and they just tend to sag. The better solution is to buy a bra that is going to fit you perfectly. You can go to a lingerie store to be fitted for the right size bra, and it will make your breasts look larger and more beautiful than they ever have before.

As you can see you do not have to live with what you were given naturally nor do you have to get surgery. Simply by exercising, changing your diet, and wearing the right bra. You will have larger breasts that will make you feel and look sexier. So take one of these simple tips and start to enlarge your breast size.

Gynexol – The Best Known Cream For Man Boobs

Effects of Gynexol gyno creamIf there is one thing men are embarrassed about, then it’s the enlargement of their breast, medically referred to as Gynecomastia. It’s a health condition that has grounded many men and negatively affects their quality of life. Victims to this condition say that it has made them virtual slaves as they can’t enjoy activities they used to enjoy like swimming for fear of attracting ugly stares. They also find it difficult to interact and make friends with people of the opposite sex. Few people consider it a problem, but believe it or not, Gynecomastia is a serious health problem which has driven some of its victim to commit suicide.

The question which many people ask is, can there be a lasting solution to Gynecomastia?. Fine, quite a number of companies have launched different several products in the past few years, but with no success. The good news is, yes Gynecomastia can be contained and eliminated. Thanks to a team of dedicated scientific researchers who worked tirelessly to come up with Gynexol. Gynexol cream for man boobs, specifically formulated to reduce breast size and appearance. The cream has the following scientifically proven point for its success.

Natural ingredients and 100% safe

Most of fat suppressants supplements and fat creams have several negative effects because of their ingredients. Gynexol main ingredients are some of the most sought after weight loss supplement in the world. They are purely natural plants extracts and as such, there isn’t any artificial additive or chemical added to boost its effectiveness. There isn’t any secret about this as all the ingredients contained in it are listed on its packaging as required by the law.

No known side effects

There isn’t any known harmful side effect associated with the use of Gynexol. While other drugs which claim to eliminate boobs’ and chest fat comes with a number of side effects, Gynexol is yet to have one complain relating to its use.Nobody have even complained of skin irritation, something common with body creams designed to eliminate gynecomastica. This success is because of several years of research coupled by numerous tests before the cream was released. It’s not a surprise it has the backing of several doctors and other health practitioners.

It’s backed by a scientific proof and is endorsed by doctors

Gynexol is a product of several years of clinical research by top scientists. Actually it’s the first ever known cream that address specifically chest and breast fat loss for men. Because of its good quality, the product is widely recommended and protected by 2U.S patents, a prestigious mark of quality and acceptance in the research field.

Proven track record

The proprietary ingredients in Gynexol have a proven track record of efficiency. There are countless online reviews to refer from. This male breast reduction cream not only guarantees elimination of the chest’s unwanted fat, but it also does it in days or just a few weeks. This is an adventure most men have been afraid to take being that most creams take long before results are achieved which can as well be disappointing.

No special diet, exercise or surgery required

Gynexol comes with little interruption on one’s daily activities. While applying the cream, there isn’t major diet adjustment that needs to be taken care. For it to effectively attain desirable results, one neither need to change his diet or have a specialized nor has to undergo strenuous exercise or painful and costly surgery. Many boobs’ depressant supplements come with a whole load of requirements and restrictions to make them work. On the sidelines, it’s advisable to avoid some food in general for any supplement to work. These include added sugar or refined sugar as well as carbohydrates which are loosely associated with the production of fats.

After several years without help, men affected by gynecomastia can certainly breathe with a sigh of relief, thanks to Gynexol. No more embarrassment and no more swimming in t-shirts or feeling of shyness when approaching ladies as the help is only a phone call away.

Treatment of Vitiligo

lady with vitiligoOn the diagnosis of vitiligo, the dermatologist may first review your medical history and also your family history. He will also physically examine your skin and the affected area. Also a blood test would be conducted to check the status of your thyroid gland as in most of the cases, the person suffering from vitiligo also suffers from autoimmune thyroid disease. Many treatment options are available to restore the color of your skin but the treatment most appropriate for you will depend on health, preference, age and the affected area. Some of the treatment options are-

Using Cosmetic-

It does not include any medical treatment. This option provides a safer way to cover the vitilgo affected the area by the use of self-tanner, skin dye and make-up. It eliminates the probable medicine side effects and hence mostly recommended for the treatment of children. The biggest disadvantage of this treatment is that it is time taking and must be applied after every certain period of time. The person needs lots of practice to get a natural looking result.

Use of Medicine-

Different types of topical medicines are applied to the skin to re-pigment the skin. It is usually recommended for small area and it shows its effect within 4 to 6 months. Other medicines can be used with topical corticosteroid to get better results. It gives best result for dark skin color and gives best result in the face area but is least effective in feet an hand area. This medicine also has side effects in certain cases such as makes the skin dry, fragile and paper thin.

Light Treatment-

In this method, patients are given excimer laser treatment or may be made to sit in a light box to re-pigment the skin. The light box treatment is used for extensive vitiligo whereas laser technique is used to treat a small affected area. It has a 70% success rate is best suited for treating face affected area but is less effective for feet and hands. Though, many patients have claimed that after stopping the treatment, the results disappear within 1 year. The patients are required to receive this treatment minimum 2-3 times a week.


This treatment is used when light treatment and the use of medicine does not give any result. It is suitable for adults who haven’t noticed any change in their vitiligo for 6 months or more but is not recommended for children. In this process, the skin or cells from unaffected area are transplanted to affected area.

If you are looking for an all natural treatment system that can get results then please make sure you read this post on an effective method of reducing the signs and symproms of Vitiligo fast.

What Are The Most Effective Ways To Get Rid of Man Breast

Ways to get rid of man breastGynecomastia, commonly referred to as man boobs or moobs, are caused by being overweight or obese. Fatty tissue stored in the pectoral muscles or storage of excess fat in the chest. This is a condition caused by hormonal imbalance or lower testosterone levels and elevated estrogen levels. This may disappear on its own. It normally happens after taking some medications, which influence hormonal levels in the body.

The question is – how to get rid of man breast for good?

The first step involves the identification of the causes of man breast. Find out whether this is caused by being overweight or obese. Setting up an appointment with a physical therapist and personal trainer helps analyze the percentage body fat. Secondly, the gym is the best place for body fat workouts. You need to try cardio, which aids in burning of fat within a period of time, helping achieve the successful elimination of man breasts through caloric deficit. Considering strength training exercise also helps fight this condition.

Other steps or procedures that may help eliminate man boobs for good include:
– Tracking of chest fat reduction process.

– Changing of diet: if weight is the cause of man breast, then there is a need to maintain a healthy diet, which is just as important as an exercise routine. Abstinence from alcohol may also help, as it contains calories and fat.

– Increasing the daily intake of both vegetables and fruits daily. These are high fiber foods that would provide essential nutrients to help reduce fat and build muscles.

– Sugar intake and alcohol must be reduced. These products include, baked goods, beer, refined carbohydrates and processed food. But set limits to take them at least once a week.

– Taking foods with lower estrogen levels, such like, cabbages, melons, berries, green beans, broccoli, corn, pineapples and grapes, can be helpful.

– Change your lifestyle and eating habit. Avoid fast and processed foods.

– Exercise routine. Involves cardiovascular routine, both interval training and high intensity cardio. High-intensity for 20-30minutes reduces chest fat much faster than medium-intensity that lasts an hour. This starts with 20minutes of running, five days in a week. Formulate a training routine in which you can walk in between for 2minutes and sprint in intervals of 5minutes, until a time when you can run continuously for 20minutes. Cardio and gym classes, and the use of other equipment like free weights, may help tighten up muscles, thus causing fat reduction in all body parts.

Use Gynexin pills to get rid of mn breastEngage in a rowing routine. Rowing machines target the upper body and reduce chest fat. This is done 10minutes a day, as a beginner. Swimming is also better than biking in this case, as it focuses on both legs and arms, and thus suitable for the obese.

Lastly, strength training. This entails chest strengthening exercises that burn more fat. This includes push-ups that is done every day of the week, chest flies, incline rows for arm lifting, cable crossovers and chest presses.

Gynecomastia often disappears after taking some medication that influences hormonal levels in the body. The condition can also be brought by testicular tumor that causes a significant increase of estrogen. The patient is therefore subject to anti-estrogen treatment and thus surgery is not necessary.

Is lowering cholesterol naturally possible?

Lower cholesterol naturallyYes, it is possible to lower the levels of cholesterol naturally. To avoid heart attacks and other heart related problems, it is very important to bring down the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body. This is something that you can do without consuming statins. Here are the things that you should do to lower the levels of cholesterol naturally;

  1. Limit the intake of foods that are high in saturated fats, dietary cholesterol and trans fats

You should try to avoid foods that are high in saturated fats, dietary cholesterol and trans fats as much as you can. Examples of foods that are high in saturated fats include red meat, low fat and full fat dairy products, butter, coconut oil, palm oil etc. Dietary fats can be found in egg yolks, shellfish, organ meats etc. You should instead consume foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon, sardines, mackerel, trout, herring and halibut. You should try as much as possible to avoid red meats. This is because they contain the highest amount of saturated fats.

  1. Eat foods that are rich in fiber

Good examples of foods that are rich in fiber include oats, beans, barley, sweet potatoes peas, yam fruits and vegetables. It has been proven that foods that are rick in soluble fibers are good at lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body. Example of vegetables that are rich in soluble fiber include Brussels, carrots, sprouts, beets, eggplant and okra. Examples of fruits that have high soluble fiber content include passion fruit, oranges, berries, pears, oranges, apples, apricots and nectarines.

Natural food lower bad cholesterol

  1. Lose weight

You will benefit in many ways when you lose weight. Your cholesterol profile will improve significantly when you lose weight and you will also lower the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, gout, strokes and very many cancer types. You must also limit the intake of the “good fats” such as olive oil.

  1. Consume plant foods that are rich in protein

Legumes such as peas, beans and lentils are rich protein. These foods are highly nutritious and are perfect alternatives to meat. Legumes will not help you with cholesterol levels, they will also help you with blood sugar and insulin levels. Legumes also help to reduce the risk of cancer. Seed and nuts can also help to lower the levels of LDL in the body. To avoid taking salt that can raise your blood pressure, you should choose dry roasted or raw varieties.

After reading this article you should know how to lower cholesterol naturally. Now just take action to change your habits and your health for better.